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Master Plan for Park

The city approved the Master Plan in November, 2017.

“In the News” link, at left, has recent news articles about the Master Plan.

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Motor-Driven Aircraft

Drones and radio-controlled aircraft are no longer permitted at the park, per ordinance 8.28.130, Prohibited activity in parks or facilities. The rule reads: “The following activities are prohibited in any park or recreational facility…Motor-driven vehicles or models, including drones and unmanned aircraft systems, except in designated areas, and except for the use of drones by public safety personnel for emergency operations.”

The large sign in the main parking lot, with a map of the park and its trails, which is now damaged, will be replaced by the city in summer 2018.

Special Alerts

Do not leave any valuables in view in your car. There have been several recent break-ins at the park, sadly. If possible, put any valuables into your trunk or out of sight before you arrive at the park, so that a thief doesn't see you putting things away.

Leash your dog, please.  Park rules require this.

Who to call to report a problem, or to pass on a compliment

Always call 911 if there is an emergency or immediate risk of injury.

About us

Our Organization

Formed in 2005 to counter the proposal to develop a golf course at Bayfront Park, Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park also fought the next plan to put playing fields at the park, culminating in the resounding defeat of Measure J in the November, 2006 election. Our goal now is to ensure that Bedwell Bayfront Park receives more permanent protection as open space for "passive" recreation.

We want to hear from users: tell us what you like, or don't like? Have you observed anything that concerns you? We can't fix all problems, but do try to work with city staff and departments to keep the park clean and safe. We would also like to make a few improvements to the park.

Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park is fiscally sponsored by the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
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Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park is to enhance the unique open space of Bedwell Bayfront Park and to promote it regionally now and for future generations.


The Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park operates out of Menlo Park, California. View our contact information or follow us on Facebook (Bedwell Bayfront Park).

About Bedwell Bayfront Park

Location and Hours of Operation

Park opens daily at 7:00 a.m.

Park closes at:

6:00 pm January & February
7:00 pm March
8:00 pm April
8:30 pm May
9:00 pm June & July
8:30 pm August
8:00 pm September
7:00 pm October
6:00 pm November
5:30 pm December


Paved parking lot
Trails: mostly unpaved. Perimeter is flat, but there are steep trails in the interior.
Link here to park brochure with map

Getting There

The park is located on the edge of the San Francisco Bay at Highway 101 and Marsh Road. Here is a street map.

We want your input.

Please email us your feedback or comments on the park maintenance service, or on other issues, and give us your suggestions for enhancing the park for users.

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