Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park


Bedwell Bayfront Park is a great place for birding. Over 200 different species of birds have been spotted in Bedwell Bayfront Park and its surrounding wetlands.

San Mateo Birding Guide from Sequoia Audubon Society. Bedwell Bayfront Park is listed, mapped and described. Check out this and other favorite birding sites.

View a checklist of some of the common birds seen at Bedwell Bayfront Park.

Or see the full list of birds seen at the park, as of 2017. Some of the species listed are residents or regular seasonal visitors, while others are rarities, seen only in one year, or for only a few days. It’s impressive what a small patch of hilly, grassy and tidal bayside habitat and diligent observation can produce.

But don't take our word for it. Visit Rob Pavey's website to see a gallery of beautiful photos.

Or check out our eBird list.

Peter LaTourrette took this breathtaking photo of a Burrowing Owl at Bayfront in 2005.
Least Bell's Vireo, photo by Mark Lauzon, used with permission.

Rare or Notable

Least Bell's Vireo spent time at our park in May 2010, staying for several days. It sang loudly and was enjoyed by many.

February 2009, a single Ross' Goose has been present.

In early June 2008, an Eastern Kingbird was seen briefly at Bedwell Bayfront Park by volunteers helping with the Palo Alto Summer Bird Count.

In late March 2008 a red-throated loon was seen in Flood Slough, and has stayed into early April. This is the first time this species has been seen at Bedwell Bayfront Park.

In October-November 2007, migrating Lapland Longspurs visited Bedwell Bayfront Park. Click here to see photos by Tom Merigan. Longspurs are very rare in San Mateo County. A common songbird of the Arctic tundra, the Lapland Longspur winters in open fields across much of the United States (though not California) and southern Canada. "Longspur" refers to the elongated claw of the hind toe.




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