Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park

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Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park is supported by contributions from individuals who enjoy and value the park and want to ensure its future. If you believe that Bedwell Bayfront Park is worth protecting and enhancing, you can help. You can support our work with a tax-deductible contribution, by mentioning us when you patronize certain local businesses, and by volunteering your time.

How to Donate

Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park is very grateful for donations from its friends. We hope to add more benches to enable people to enjoy the views and for the less able to rest. Wed like to develop materials for teachers to use when bringing classes to the park.

You may donate by check or credit card.

Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park is also a member of the Kepler's Community Partners Program. Whenever anyone mentions our name while shopping at Kepler's, they record the transaction and quarterly donate back 5% to us.

How to Contact Us

You will find our contact information here.


If you have just a little time, either regularly or just once, get in touch with us at ; 650-839-1523.

  1. Keep boxes filled with park pamphlets. If you visit the park 2-3 times a month, this takes just a few minutes.
  2. Help with Coast Cleanup Day, Saturday Sept 15, 2018
    1. Help us organize a “clean up station” during the weeks prior to the event. Time: a couple of hours and up, depending on your interest.
    2. Help staff tables on Sept 15: pass out instructions and bags, weigh incoming trash, provide information. Time: about 3 hours.
  3. Write a brief description about an aspect of the park for the kiosk notice board. This can be on natural history, views, weather – something that would interest and inform park visitors. Do one piece on something of particular interest to you, or write several. Other volunteers are available to help proofread or edit, if you aren’t yet a Pulitzer-worthy writer
  4. Show off birds to park visitors. If you can name or provide interesting information about wintering ducks, egrets and coots, and maybe some shorebirds and sparrows, and you enjoy talking to the public, then volunteer as a helper on our monthly bird walks. Time: 2 hours on the second Saturday of a month (between Sept and April).
  5. Spanish speakers – help us write informational pieces, or talk about birds on our bird mornings.
  6. Follow issues related to Bedwell Bayfront Park at city commissions and in the press.
  7. Web monitor.  Keep an eye on what's happening at the park and collect news and information to add to our website. No web skills required: our webmaster does the tech stuff.
  8. Projects and events. What would you like to see at the park? Could you help us make it happen?

Contact Chris at to learn more, or to offer your help.

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